The following notes are provided for guest’s convenience in planning their stay. If you have any queries or requests please do not hesitate to call us and we will do our best to accommodate every guest’s requirements.

A copy of this text can be emailed on request.


Arrival at the house is generally by car or taxi. The nearest bus stop is approximately a mile away and the train station approx 3 miles.

Guests use a private parking area on a level concreted area just outside the front gate. A short block paved slope leads to the front door. Arrangements can be made to allow guests to drive directly to the front door of the property if the slope is found to be difficult (though please advise us in advance as the garden furniture in the guest seating area would need to be cleared and this requires more than one person.)

There is a slight step (8cm) into the porch front door and a high threshold through to the hall from which stairs lead to the bedrooms. There are level thresholds throughout the rest of the property.


Both bedrooms are on the first floor which is reached via a stairway of thirteen steps. This has a handrail on the right side which is sturdy and easy to grip. The stairs are 76cm wide. The doorways into both rooms and the private bathroom is 76cm wide, while the En-suite is 68cm.

All rooms throughout the house (except the bathrooms) have short pile fitted carpets in plain or slightly flecked patterns.

Both bedrooms have seat-level beds (approx 55cm) and an arm chair. Both beds are accessible on 3 sides. Beds are covered with anti-allergy duvets and extra blankets are available. There is also a range of pillows and cushions in each room.

Assistance with transporting luggage to/from cars and bedrooms is offered to all guests.


The En-suite floor is laminated timber flooring and the private bathroom is ceramic tile. The tiled bathroom has optional under floor heating (please ask if you would like this adjusted.)

Both showers require a step up-and-over to access of about 25cm. Likewise the bath-side requires stepping over to access (60cm.)

All showers are thermostatically limited. Bath and tap water is mixed hot/cold. All taps in the private bathroom are lever-turn action and easy to operate. In the en-suite they are traditional 4-arm twist action.


Breakfast is served in the dining room which is on the ground floor and a level walk from the entrance hallway.

All guests eat together at one large table which has narrow vertical legs and clear under-space of 61cm.

Dining chairs have high backs but do not have arms.

We are happy to wash any guest-provided cutlery or crockery.


There is high levels of natural light in all guest areas and this is supplemented with good electric lighting thought the house including the driveway.

Two bedside reading lights are provided either side of the beds in both bedrooms and main light switches are also accessible from both beds.

We can provide a copy of the menu in large type (please arrange in advance.)


In accordance with UK law, smoking is not allowed in any area inside the house.